Corruption….and we

Corruption….and we

Corruption….and we

the seed determines the tree
the tree determines the fruit
the fruit determines the seed
natures law
simple and plain indeed

corruption is the hue and cry
to eradicate this menace we all want to try
are we willing, to stop sowing the corruption seeds
are we willing, to re plough the land
are we willing, to not grow the trees of greed
easier said than done
will never be accomplished, if does this none

are we willing, to pull out the weeds
the weeds of corruption from our garden own
the weeds which have been fertilized and watered
with love and care
and sometimes scare

in the process of pulling out these weeds of corruption
willing are we, to bruise our hands own
these weeds
which undisturbed for many years have simply grown and grown

these weeds like parasites
they start as dependents
and soon out multiply and out grow
are we willing
to these parasites out of our house throw

“The Unicorn”

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