Love and life and death

Love and life and death

Love and life and death

There he was, writhing painfully on the verge of death
Waiting fearfully, may be this one was his last breath

The panic in the eyes, send the message so clear
He was in pain, thinking of those he thought were so dear

Instructions last minute were given to one and all
Relatives surrounded him, available on his beck and call

Two years back, the dearest to him, she had passed away
In his life, the most important role she did play

Her memories in his eyes flashed, bringing a sweet smile
The sparkle long lost, was clearly seen even from a mile

Her lovely memories brought him back
The terminally ill was back on track

Love works miracles now I know, thanks to the seeds my mother had sown
Thank you doctor and all for loving my father as your own

So what ever we do, let’s do with love so pure
Without expectations, let’s give love for sure

It’s so much easier said than done
But let’s be one for all and all for one

The Unicorn

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