Alone in a boat

Alone in a boat

Alone in a boat
Paddling my oars
In the middle of the sea
Its just water all around and me

Left is far behind
The shore from where my journey I started
That shore is like my past
Traveling away from me some times slow and sometimes fast

Nowhere in sight is the shore
My destination, my future
Where I want to go, will I reach
Will I enjoy my destinations ravishing white beach

Worried about these shores
if to paddle now I forget
Drown for sure I will
And in the struggle between past and future
I will, for sure myself kill

Travel I can’t to my past and things change
So good memories I enjoy
And the others I put to rest
Towards my destination I will only reach
If to paddle my oars now
Is what I to myself can teach

To do my now if I forget
How will I ever
To my future destination get

So I paddle the best of my abilities in my now
Never worried about my past
Never worried
My future destination reach I will how

The Unicorn

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