Dead…yet alive

Dead…yet alive

Many bodies are declared as dead
Unable they are to consume any more water and bread
Inhaled they have long back their last breath
Now medically this state is called death

Buried are some
Burned are some
Drowned are some
To birds fed are some
But once dead, never back they come

Some souls, beyond their bodies live
No, as ghosts not
Nor are in the no time zone they are caught

These are the souls, when alive in bodily form
Lived life, knowing they were alive
They shared love
They spread love
They drank love
They ate love
They inhaled love
They exhaled love
Love was their food and air
Love was all, for what they cared
To others they gave hope
For others they changed the life’s meaning and living scope

These are the ones who died
Yet lived

Lived in others soul
Lived in others smiles
Lived in others thoughts
Lived in others hearts

These are the ones who died
Yet lived
These are the ones who died
Yet lived

The Unicorn

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