bribe eating vultures

bribe eating vultures

sat he staring in the abstract with a wicked smile
as if eyes would chase me for a mile
between him and me the huge and old desk made of wood
the only witness to the innumerable bribes taken , solidly stood

the deft hands weighed the packet
and shoved it in the drawer
like the hungry dog consumes the bread
come later your work will be done
only if the amount of money is correct he said

my ignorance of the law and the unknown fear
today cost me dear
such blunders in life many we make
and then argue about our innocence for face saving sake

only if in educating and in simplifying, believe the makers of law
no rules would be broken
no mistakes made

by the bribe eating vultures
no honest citizen would be feasted upon
no longer will we see our hard earned money
via the loathsome bribe drain , going down

The Unicorn

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