to my loving wife

to my loving wife

(in some regions and cultures of India, women fast for the betterment and long life of their husbands. This ritual is called“Karva-chauth”.
My wife also observes the same. This poem is for my wife Minu)

not a morsel of food
not a drop of water, she had
she prayed to the Lord
dear Almighty
take my food and water
grant to my love
my dear one
the one, to whom I pledged to be his wife
till the last, the last breath of my life
let him be always smiling
grant him a pleasant and life long
may he always sing the happiness song
take my water and food if you may
for him
purely out of love
I will stay without food and water
for this full day

I bow my head in respect
to my loving wife
love knows no limits, no bounds
with her love and trust
I am surrounded all around

The Unicorn

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