Why ?


why is it that solution to all problems is love ?
why is symbol of peace a white dove ?

why is it that love give births to hurt ?
why is it that people I find most repulsive now, were once polite & curt ?

why is it that selflessness surrenders to selfishness ?
why the other wise beautiful life becomes a one big mess ?

why do the people you want to trust, are the ones who betray ?
why is it that only in bad times do we stop & pray ?

why is life a roller coaster ride for many & smooth for some ?
why is it that the architectural masterpiece called house never becomes a home ?

why is it that the life provides better education than colleges & schools ? why is it that the corrupt politician always rules ?

why why why why are there more questions than answers always?
why is it that at crossroads i find myself in search of the correct pathways ?

The Unicorn

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