All of you, I accept with love

All of you, I accept with love

Should I
Expect or to accept
This query in my mind has been long standing
Shouldn’t I be me?
And for the sake of others stop pretending

To the expectations of others
I will never live up to be, up to the mark
Family, friends, associates,
Trying to please them all
Never will give happiness, but for sure
Will make my life full of stress and strife

So all you out there
Accept me for what I am
From your expectations set me free
Just like I free you
From mine expectation all

Let’s accept each one for what they are
Let not our expectations
Leave on each other’s souls the invisible scars

You the ugly one
You the beautiful one
You the idiot
You the smart one
You the moron
You the powerful one
You the poor one
You, you and you
All of you, I accept with love
For what you are, and not because of what
I can get from you

From my threads of expectation, free you all are
No longer will my expectations stop you
And on your souls leave the invisible scar

The Unicorn

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