Evolve and merge

Evolve and merge.

The giant spiral
Spiral of stairs
Rising upwards
Merging in the unknown

My life is like the step
The one step of this giant spiral
The spiral which can take an eternity to climb

As I live learn and die
Based on my life’s learning and deed
I will be reborn in another life
This will be a step in spiritual progress
Moving in the right direction indeed

Born I am for a reason
Born I am to learn
Born I am to accomplish
Born I am to help
Born I am to love
Born I am to teach
Born I am to share
Born I am to enjoy and care

Body money house clothes diamonds gold
All will be left behind in death
Irrespective I die young or old

Love deeds and learning’s
Will travel with me
Me the eternal soul
To learn and evolve is my goal

Evolve and merge
To quench this never ending urge
Evolve and merge.

The Unicorn

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