She oozes blood

She oozes blood

She oozes blood

Black blood

And the parasites rejoice

They rejoice as they could now enjoy

Enjoy the taste of the black blood

Suck all around her body

With the renewed energy the parasites

And make more wounds

And ooze more blood

The more she bleeds

The more they rejoice

Aware are we the parasites

That our survival depends on her

Yet we kill her slowly yet surely

Giving her wounds

Killing her bit by bit

Getting destroyed are her lungs at rapid pace

Soon breathe she will no more

And with her die we will

All of us

The parasites

She bleeds to death in sorrow

As whom she thought were her children’s best

Are the ones killing her

Destroying her bit by bit without a moments rest

Soon the day will come when

She will love her children no more

The children turned parasites will get their due

Destroyed will be all

May be thanks to her kindness will survive few

Time to wake up my parasite brothers and sisters

Let’s show our love,respect and care for our mother earth

And prove to her

Of being called her children and not parasites, we are worth

The Unicorn

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