My aspirations..

My aspirations..

Feel I so alone again
In this world full of people
Will I ever
Real friends gain

Reason and cause
Seem to dictate relationships all
To empty my heart out
None I can call

Dear God
Will u be my friend
Finally to you I want give a call
You are the only one
I realize this
After being rebuked by all

You stood by me
Even when I ignored you
You smiled at me
Even when unreasonable tantrums I threw

Ran I the race of life
To quench thirsts so many
But forgot I to quench my eternal thirst
To fulfill my earthly desires so many I forgot to thank you first

Dear almighty
may be the stupid me in the list of wants placed you last
I pray to the o the generous one
Treat me not as I treated thee
Bless me and make me free

Free from all desires but one
Free from all wants but one

Guide me to fulfill that one want that one desire
To be good enough to find place in your heart is all for what I aspire.

The Unicorn

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