Attitude is altitude

Attitude is altitude

May be is, full of pain
Still lets,
Look ahead as to how we can gain
To move ahead let’s not complain
Life unfolds
In response to our attitude
So let’s be happy
Let’s adopt the attitude of gratitude

Problems do surround us
Making us feel miserable thus
Making us suffer in times of trouble
These are the times
Our attitude should be to
To put in an effort double
Worry not
Make the right selection
Adopt an attitude of action

Great is my pain
Great is the suffering I experience
Great is the anger inside me, on the verge of a boil
Why me why me why me
To find this answer
Is why most sufferers toil
Change; let’s bring a change in our attitude
Let’s learn from our suffering instead
And with a empathizing smile
Help other sufferers, in life move ahead

Life presents us with many a chance
So that we can get angry, feel angry
And do our disturbingly vengeful, anger dance
So lets forgive
Forgive one and all who make us angry
Forgive all those who give us misery
Forgive our self and God
Forgive and seek forgiveness
Let’s shed anger
Attitude of peace and forgiveness harness

The Unicorn

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