Woman the better half …..Of a man’s complete world

Woman the better half …

Experienced I
Womanhood for the first time
When touched I was
By the hands of my mother

By God
That touch was sublime
The touch of love
The touch that nourishes
The touch that cares
The touch that talks
The touch that listens
The touch of assurance

Experienced I
Womanhood again
In my loving sister
And caring friends

Understood I the new
Depths of womanhood
As on the altar of marriage I stood
Woman the creator
Life she creates and nurtures

Woman the destroyer
Destroys she all who
Obstruct her path
Leading to her love

Women the unresolved mystery
She loves the man
With all she can

Woman the divine
Giving is all she has done
Gives she unhesitatingly to all
Expecting just love in return

Woman the better half
Of a man’s complete world
In reverence I bow my head to thee
You who taught me at
How to live life
How to the better in all see

The Unicorn

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