As addicted I am to addictions

As addicted I am to addictions

My addiction to smoking
Was a story which was scripted
When from a child to adult
I was in the process of making

My father’s smoking, on my mind
Left an impression strong
The desire to smoke and feel grown up
Blunted my senses of right and wrong

So easy it is to form addictions
Some times to be different
And sometimes to be one among all
We fill our life with habits wrong
To satisfy our false needs
Addictions disguised as reasons and habits in our life we breed

Addicted we are to
And what not
Dear Almighty
Seek I now addictions new
Joy of giving
Happiness in seeing others happily living
Purpose of life
The end of internal strife

Grant me dear God
These addictions
These addictions new
So with these addictions
My life i will renew

The Unicorn

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