Today…..on the day of my birth

Today…..on the day of my birth

At the dawn of this day
For the first time in my life
I cried
And they all felt happy
Especially she, my mother

I had cried not in pain
But in joy
The joy of being alive
The joy of seeing her finally
She who cared and loved me
Like no one can
The joy of feeling her touch
The joy of experiencing her happiness
The joy of being the reason of her existence
The joy of being born

Life recreates itself so beautifully
Here I was
A small tiny bundle of restless energy
The result of my parents unique synergy

On this day
My birthday
I bow my head in reverence
To the two great souls, my parents
Thanks to them I exist
Thanks to the qualities in me they imbibed
That till this day I happily survived

My spiritual and material growth
Is all thanks to the
Unique seeds in me they sowed

This day, the day of birth mine
May God bless my loving parents divine

The Unicorn

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