Perched on the tree top
In amazement I look around
Men Women
Boys Girls
Walk and run
Just don’t seem to stop

Some have wires dangling from their ears
Some smile
Some with grim faces
Some stretching their limbs forced by their peers
Some are shedding a few tears

Funny these humans are
They stuff themselves when they eat
So much bitterness inside them and they pretend to be sweet

How they always want more than their need
More food
More homes
More and more
Quite unlike us they are
There seems to be no end to their greed

Perched on the tree top
I wonder
When will they change?
When will they stop and enjoy my chirpy tweet?
Relax under the trees to beat the heat
Close their eyes and spread the wings like I do
Feeling the gentle breeze

Small tiny sparrow I may be
But compared to humans I am so free

The Unicorn

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