The spongy rubber band

The spongy rubber band2

Soak up all u can
Keep what u need
And squeeze
Squeeze out all the muck you can
Qualities these are
Of the sponge so humble
Soaks up all and gets squeezed
Without a mumble

Stretch Stretch
Pull this one to directions afar
Does not break
Back to its form original form it snaps
O the ever so use full rubber band
In keeping all together
Plays an important hand

As a child thought I
Like a sponge and a rubber band
Can’t I be why?

I will soak in learning’s all
Without a moments rest
Where ever I go
Squeeze out the unwanted
And keep the best

Presented in life I will be with circumstances many
When people will pull me
Stretch my mind and soul
But break never I will
And snap back to my original self
Irrespective of the situations uncanny

Great full I am indeed
To the sponge and the rubber band
In letting me be me
Played they indeed have
A big hand

The Unicorn

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