May You…

May You...

Like the rivers flowing
Like the morning sun glowing
Like the morning dew
Like the happy & chirpy birds

May you , to smile give others a reason
May your smile be the happiest this season

May you bloom like the morning glory
May your be the best success story

May you be with love surrounded
May your positive attitude always keep you grounded

May my good wishes inspire you
May you quench others like the earth is quenched by the morning dew

May you sing the songs of love like the chirpy birds
May you in joy and satisfaction abound, so what if some count you in nerds

May like the morning sun’s spreading glow
Your positivity: to the universe flow

May you always stay sparkling and fresh like the waters of flowing rivers
May you be so wealthy that you rank first always in the list of givers

The Unicorn

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